Island Park ESOL class

Literacy Stats!

Just 35 percent of individuals with below basic skills are employed full time, while 64 percent in the proficient category have full-time jobs. The salaries of adults with below-basic literacy …

Meet Yesica!

She used to feel the weight of isolation and separation from her peers. As a teacher from Guatemala, she emigrated to the United States in 2012. It is not common …

Leap into Literacy 2017

Unlocking Minds to Empower Families & Build Communities

The population served by LCGC’s programs is primarily disadvantaged immigrant families living in low-income households. The majority of program participants are of Hispanic origin. Their lack of English language and literacy skills places them at a disadvantage in gaining meaningful employment and succeeding in school. The inability to speak English places a burden on schools, employers, and the community service providers.

Value of a Volunteer = Priceless

“I worked with a lawyer in Venezuela who sought and received asylum in the United States. We worked on improving his English so that he could take his real estate …