Meet Yesica!

She used to feel the weight of isolation and separation from her peers.

As a teacher from Guatemala, she emigrated to the United States in 2012. It is not common for women to study to become teachers in her home country. She shared that women in Guatemala do not have the same opportunities to pursue an education because of the discrimination they face. Despite that, Yesica was able to go to school, which continued to unlock her passion to learn.

During her time in school in Guatemala, she wrote about the inequality Guatemalan women face when it comes to career paths and education. This led to an opportunity to participate in an academic competition that would change her life. Through the competition she was able to come to the United States to talk about her experience facing discrimination.

This experience gave her great joy and a desire to come to the United States and use her talents freely.

Today Yesica attends the Literacy Council to continue to find a way to learn and become a better teacher herself to pursue what makes her happy – teaching, learning, and growing.

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  1. Shelley R. Cooper Reply

    Yesica is a former student of mine. I am so proud of the changes I have seen in her, both academically and socially. Yesica helped me become a better teacher and tutor! Thank you, Yesica!
    Shelley Cooper

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