Old 41 Moms & Tots Program Apolinaria Cruz Martinez attends the Moms & Tots program with her 2 younger children. She enrolled September 13, 2013. Her son Raul Merino Cruz, Jr. graduated from the program August 2016. He attends Head Start at Bonita Elementary. Raul was a very active little boy and we weren’t quite sure how much he learned and if he would be able to sit and compete an activity or listen to
Learning more than English There are 25 students (moms) enrolled at Shadowlawn Elementary. The program began the first Thursday of October 2016. There are students from at least 7 countries in the program. They did not know each other before the class. Their commonality was that they wanted to learn English to help their family and themselves. They love learning English but what they didn’t realize would happen is that they have become friends with
Empowering a parent Luz Martinez, a mother enrolled in the Literacy Council Gulf Coast ESL class at Avalon Elementary, wanted to improve her English so that she can help her daughter with homework. Luz was so happy when her class learned how to alphabetize words. Before enrolling in the class, she did not understand what alphabetize meant. Her first grade daughter even had difficulty explaining the meaning to her. Luz told the class that last
Felix was 18 when he came to the Florida from Guatemala. He had graduated from high school in his small, rural town and didn’t think college was an option for him. No one in his family had attended college and it seemed a a daunting prospect.  While attending classes at the Literacy Council Gulf Coast to improve his English, he was encouraged to enroll at Florida Southwestern State College which has open enrollment for anyone
The following is a post from one of our students. This is, In Their Own Words: Alex Hernandez. The Influence of the Literacy Council in Bonita Springs, Florida My name is Alex Hernandez. I am 19 years old. I grew up in the mountains of Guatemala and went to school for five years. My parents never went to school and we spoke a type of Mayan dialect. I have been in the United States for three years and a