Worksite Literacy is a resident-organized program offered at golf and gated community worksites as well as local business locations. Employees who can communicate well with management, customers, residents, etc. improve their marketability and the efficiency of both themselves and the organizations.

Offering classes on-site ensures that students do not have to travel to classes to learn English, and in residential communities, tutors do not have to travel far to volunteer. The boost in employee morale is tremendous when they recognize the significant effort being put forth by their management team to help them improve their daily life and their job skills.

Successful programs require continued support from top management. In addition, an enthusiastic volunteer coordinator from the organization is needed to help match the tutors and employees and ensure the smooth functioning of the classes. In 2014-2015, the LCGC Worksite Literacy Program was active in 11 locations throughout Lee County. There were 121 resident volunteer tutors and 163 students enrolled in the program.

These programs could not exist without the dedication of so many of our volunteers. And, the Worksite Literacy need has never been greater!

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