Tutors Change the World: One Life at a Time, One Book at a Time

We need dedicated and motivated volunteers who want to help change a life. Sharing the gift of English with a motivated student brings satisfaction to both tutor and student. Students improve their level of reading, writing, speaking and understanding English. This leads to better jobs, promotions, higher education, citizenship, starting a business, helping children with homework. A tutor empowers students to become more productive members of our communities.

There is no doubt: tutors find tremendous satisfaction in helping motivated and grateful students improve their skills and succeed.

It is easy to become a tutor. No foreign language or teaching experience is necessary. We will train you. We offer a six-hour training workshop monthly. There is a small fee for teaching materials. Download the Tutor Training Schedule. Tutors are expected to commit to teaching about an hour twice a week. Depending on your interest, you can teach an individual student, a small group or a large group. We have many different levels of instruction from beginner to advanced students. You can call the office to apply or fill out the application on-line. Download an application (word) or (PDF) or apply online below.

Since reporting your hours is crucial for our funding, we make it easy to do. Tutors submit a quarterly report either by mail, fax or e-mail.

Ready to see how you can make a difference in the life of a child or family? Fill out some information below to submit your application or contact us at 239 676-5202 with any questions!

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